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A vision for a platform that helps you manage your children’s learning and development from birth to young adulthood. 

About Us

Our Vision

We will help communities address inequities so that all kids have an opportunity to excel.

We envision a society where all children are involved in schools, after school programs, and enrichment activities that cultivate their talents.  In this society, it is easy for all parents to monitor and engage the systems that support their children.

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The Parent Valet Campaign

Caring adults enrich us. They tutor us,  advocate for us, and support us  at our games & recitals.

Too many children are falling through the cracks because their parents are unaware or unable to access the programs and services they need. We want to fix this problem! 

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About the Founder

Charles Wright, Jr. CEO/Founder of Parent Valet, a start-up information service company in Seattle.

My name is Charles Wright, Jr.  I am a parent. My goal is to help you save time, money, and increase your satisfaction when you search for enrichment activities, schools, after school programs, and other ways to support your children’s success. 

Our Story

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